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Welcome to one of the oldest and most unique Dao Kung Fu schools in London.

At the Academy the highest level of teaching is provided and class numbers are limited. Sifu Alan Winner has been teaching for the last 28 years and teaches all these disciplines under one roof: Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Wing Chun traditional, Wushu International, Shaolin kickboxing (San Shou) and floor gymnastics. All abilities and ages are welcome and whether you want to learn a new skill, stay healthy and fit or boost your energy there are also on-going training programmes for Wushu athletes and teachers. The Alan Winner Academy is proud to represent the UK in National and International competitions with great results.


-Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation
-Wing Chun Traditional
-Wushu International (Taolu)
-Shaolin Kickboxing (San Shou)
-Athletic Improvement Programme
-Under 14’s classes



Sifu Alan Winner founded The Academy in 1986 and early this year, after 28 years of dedicated, full-time teaching at Acton Swimming Baths, we have moved to a larger training room at Hanwell Community centre.

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Qigong healing

Thousands of diseases are proven to be curable with Qigong therapy. Sifu Alan Winner will be able to guide the individual back to health.
Instead of a fee for the treatment sessions, you are invited to donate.


Wushu Sport TV

Wushu Sport is a new online TV channel that will show quality programming. Watch Wushu Sport for educational programmes, cartoons, classes, documentaries, films, Wushu events and San Shou fights.


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