Two students of The Alan Winner Academy: Kristian Andonov and Malcolm Effiong won gold at the National Sanshou Championships on 9th November 2014, held at the Shenley Leisure centre, Milton Keynes, organised by The British Council For Chinese Martial Art (BCCMA). Kristian and Malcolm are now the National Sanda Champions and selected for the British Sanda Team to represent Great Britain at the upcoming World Wushu Championships in Indonesia, 2015.
Malcolm is trained by Kelvin Gill, one of the coaches at The Alan Winner Academy and Kristian is trained by Alan Winner.
Sanda or San Shou is a full contact fighting sport held on a platform not a ring. It includes punches, kicks, takedowns, wrestling and pushing. With one major difference that makes Sanda different from all other styles: When the competitors hold each other in a clinch, they have only two (2) seconds to launch an effective attack, otherwise the referee will separate them.
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