From 5th September 2016: Mondays 7-9pm: Mixed Martial Art

This class will include Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Sanda and Taolu.

Taolu: Forms.
Sanda: Traditional Chinese fighting system including sweeps, throws and pushes.
Tai Chi: Effortless combination of moves which in the ancient times was taught to the Emperor’s army. The slow movement in Tai Chi helps you to relax and understand the mechanics of the moves which will help you to increase your speed, power and accuracy.
Meditation: Helps you to understand yourself so you can better yourself. Also brings you in harmony with yourself and your surrounding. Meditation is the foundation and the roots of all Martial Art.
Wing Chun: A Hong Kong style, which was Bruce Lee’s first style, created by a woman. Simple but yet very effective.
Fitness: Important for stamina and physical strength.
Floor Gymnastics: Makes you agile and nimble.
Stretching: Important for speed, jumps and flexibility.