Falls are actually not a normal part of ageing. If you have fallen or are worried about falling – speak to a physiotherapist or other health professional who will be help you.
Here we collected top 5 recommendations from scientists and experts on what you could do to improve your balance and prevent falls.
1. Training in particular strength and balance training such as tai chi or pilates will help keep you steady and your bones strong.
2. Get your eyes checked regularly as your vision can affect your balance.
3. Check your home for potential hazards e.g. loose fitting rugs, poor lighting etc.
4. Manage your medicines as certain ones can make you dizzy and can interact with others. Speak to your GP for advice.
5. Boost your bones with a balanced diet, Vitamin D and exercise. The latter is best gained from sunlight so get out more!
According to scientists, practising the ancient martial art of Tai Chi is very beneficial to elderly people’s health and that it should be “the preferred mode of training”. It is typified by continuous, slow flowing movements.
The positive effect of Tai Chi training on regulating blood pressure has been documented previously.
A number of studies also showed that the Tai Chi subjects had greater average muscle strength.
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