The AWA Athletic Improvement Programme

The AWA Athletic Improvement Programme

Sifu Alan Winner has developed his Athletic Improvement Programme based on Qigong therapy.
Qigong therapy increases Stamina by awakening and enhancing the athletes internal energy, improves Focus by calming the mind and increasing awareness, helps deal with Competition pressure by relaxing and grounding the athlete, regulating blood pressure and adrenaline, helps with Injury prevention by strengthening muscles, bones and tendons, increasing blood flow inside the bones and increasing bone density and speeds up Muscle recovery by increasing the oxygen level in the blood flow in the muscle, tendons, ligaments and organs and clearing energy blockages caused by muscle trauma.
Tel: 02089957717
Email: alanwinner[a] (substitute the [a] for @)
The sessions can take place at The Alan Winner Academy headquarters at Hanwell Community Centre, W7 1PD or Alan can travel to the team or athlete’s training centre.

The AWA Athletic Improvement Programme - hard qigong


about Sifu Alan Winner

I have one task in life, which is to make my students healthy, good for themselves, their family and their community and physically, mentally and spiritually strong

The Alan Winner Academy was established in 1989 and from humble beginnings it has grown into a beacon of excellence. It was founded on the ideas of Master Alan Winner whose experience in martial arts and sports spans 36 years. The Academy was set up to target those who are dedicated to the improvement of themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually. The achievements gained reflect positively in the individuals’ day to day life. Students are taught the following: Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation, Wing Chun, Wushu International, floor gymnastics and Shaolin kickboxing (Sanda). The Academy has a good number of students gained British titles in Martial Art and are competing on European and world level. The secret to their success even though they are not professional athletes is down to their understanding of Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi ( The AWA Athletic Improvement Programme).

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