Shaolin Kung Fu
  • From Saturday 8th June 2013 onwards
    11 am – 12 noon: children – shaolin kung fu

studio 301, Arts Ed, Cone Ripman House 14 Bath Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1LY SEE MAP


Mixed Martial Art: Sanda, Wing Chun, tai chi
  • From Saturday 8th June 2013 onwards
    12 noon – 1.30pm: adults – Mixed Martial Art

studio 301, Arts Ed, Cone Ripman House 14 Bath Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1LY SEE MAP

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  • Children can start their training from 4 years of age. Beginners start with the basics of Shaolin Kung Fu combined with floor gymnastics and stretching. Class numbers are limited to 9 students per class to insure that high quality of instruction is provided.
    When kids get more advanced, they will train weapons, Wushu kicks and more advanced gymnastics. Every year the Academy’s juniors enter the British Wushu Nationals, with great result.

    children kung fu lesson at the Alan Winner Academy

    • Which will include: Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Wing Chun traditional and Shaolin Kung Fu (San Shou) 
      Tai Chi
      Effortless combination of moves, which can help the individual to relax during simple exercise. It can reduce pain in the joints and cure rheumatism.
      Connect with nature, discover our internal energy and how to channel it throughout the body. The individual will be able to overcome any sickness and gain the advantage for a healthier and successful life.
      Harmony and spiritual enlightenment of mind, body and soul can be reached. Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Meditation will tremendously improve the standard in any kind of sports.
      Wing Chun
      is an old form of Martial Art created by a Chinese nun. It is simple yet affective, soft yet powerful. Based on touch and speed instead of physical strength, this style is suitable for all ages and abilities. Wing Chun was Bruce Lee’s first style when he studied in Hong Kong with Sifu Ip Man. In turn Ip Chun’s son, Ip Chun is still carrying on the Wing Chun tradition in Hong Kong and has bestowed Alan with the Ving Tsun Association’s teaching certificate. Wing Chun has 3 basic forms, Chi Shau practice and wooden dummy.Wing Chun with Ip Chun in Hong Kong
      Shaolin Kickboxing (Sanshou)
      is a martial art which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the intense study and practices of traditional Kung Fu and modern combat fighting techniques; it combines full-contact kickboxing, which include punches and kicks, wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps and kick catches.Sanda is practiced in tournaments and is normally held alongside taolu events in wushu competition. For safety reasons, some techniques from the self-defense form such as elbow strikes, chokes, and joint locks, are not allowed during tournaments. Competitors can win by knockout or points which are earned by landing strikes to the body or head, throwing an opponent, or when competition is held on a raised lei tai platform, pushing them off the platform. Fighters are only allowed to clinch for a few seconds. If the clinch is not broken by the fighters, and if neither succeeds in throwing his opponent within the time limit, the referee will break the clinch.Training consists out of stamina work, body conditioning, stretching, bag work, partner work, forms and sparring.