The Dao Kung Fu Series on DVD

Dao Kung Fu series: Volume 3 – Wing Chun PART 1

This DVD is the first in a three-part Wing Chun series. Guiding you through the first form called Siu Lim Tao, its application and a complete set of training exercises.

Wing Chun is a system of self-defence created by a Chinese nun.
It is simple yet effective, soft yet powerful. Based on touch and speed instead of physical strength, this style is suitable for all ages and ability.


volume 3 Wing Cun




Dao Kung Fu series: Volume 2 – Qigong and Tai Chi

The second DVD takes a more in-depth look at Chi Gong, concentrating on the 8 vessels, the 12 channels, the 3 internal energy fields and the organs.

Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditation has been proven through the history to cure thousands of diseases, to relieve muscle tension and give the individual a healthy and balanced life.
This DVD contains exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced.


volume 2 Chi Gong & Tai Chi

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