About Sifu Alan Winner


Alan with his father and brothers at a swimming competition

Alan started swimming lessons at an early age. And because his father believed in the benefits of a rigorous training schedule, Alan and his brothers were swimming 6 days a week, 2 hours before school and 2 hours after school.

For a youngster who loved sports, Alexandria Sporting club was a great place to grow up. Built in 1898, it is one of the oldest sport clubs in Egypt and boasts training facilities for most sports.

Having reached an age where Alan was allowed to choose his sport, he changed to basketball where he excelled and made the clubs team, spending every free hour at the club practicing his skill. Alan went on to attend the University for Physical Education.

After moving to London at the age of 19, Alan continued his sports studies by attending extra courses for swimming, basketball and gymnastics, gaining extra coaching certificates in these sports. It was around this time Alan was introduced to Wing Chun and started his training with Austin Goh in London, China Town.


The Alan Winner Academy was established in 1986. Over the years the Academy has become an integral part of our local community in Acton, Chiswick and Ealing. Some students have been training for over 20 years and some have literally grown up in the Academy.

Through his teaching Alan provides much needed guidance to youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds, to adults who are dealing with personal or physical problems. And for the general public it’s a great way to stay healthy and become more successful in their respective careers.
But Alan also provides the highest level of coaching to enable those with a dream to compete to make the national team and bring honour to their country. The Academy has 8 qualified teachers. All classes at Hanwell Community Centre are taught by Sifu Alan Winner, while his wife, Salie assists during the classes for the under 14’s.

The Alan Winner Academy is unique in its field. There is no other place in the world that combines all the different disciplines: Meditation, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Wing Chun kung fu, Shaolin Kickboxing (Sanshou), Wushu International and floor gymnastics under one roof. And Alan, having reached the stage of Grand Master at the age of 54 has a wealth of knowledge.

A person cannot live fully without excercise.
The aim of The Academy is peace of mind, strength for success and a healthier life.
Any member of The Academy who wants to achieve success must believe that you have faith.
Simply be prepared to accept defeat for a period of time. Invest in loss otherwise you will never succeed.

It is essential for the member to subdue himself/herself. In mundane affairs it means to yield to others, thus quashing obstinacy, egotism and selfishness. If the member fails to heed this advice he/she is certain to fail. The Academy is based on two factors: KNOWING and DOING:

KNOWING through correct teaching is essential.
DOING the correct in any given situation is gained through understanding.

Correct teaching and true understanding together as one are considered to be the fundamental principles of The Academy.

Sifu Alan Winner practicing on the wooden dummy

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