In the comfort of your chair we are going to start together onto the first stage of meditation. What I’d like you to do is to please take your weight forward, so you sit on the edge of the chair. Most of the weight is on your feet. Allow the body to relax. The weight of your shoulders is down so the shoulders are dropped and the elbows are heavy. From here the neck is long. I need you to visualize that you are supporting the ceiling with the head. The chin is slightly in. From here we are going to start breathing. The breathing needs to be deep, long and calm, reaching 2 inches under the belly button, which is called the energy field or Dan Tian. And you breathe out the same way. The eyes are gently closed, they call this closing the curtain for the inner vision. And then rub the hands together, cover the eyes and gently massage your face.

The meditation can be done in any way you are comfortable. You can do it on the chair. You can do it lying down and you can do it sitting down. Most important is that you are comfortable and relaxed. So you can support your back against the wall, you can sit on a cushion. Try to make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. So from you sit down you will follow exactly the same points. Now the weight is on the hips, the hips are very relaxed.
The back is upright and flexible, the chest is slightly in. The head is suspended and the chin is slightly in. Again the weight of your shoulders is dropped,the elbows are heavy and the weight is on your hands. You can place your hands whatever way you like. This time the breathing will be deep, long and calm. The front and back in this area here, which is 2 inches under the belly button the Dan Tian, Dan Tian means energy field. So the front and the back will expand when you breathe in and when you breathe out front and back will push back in.

One thing I would like to add that maybe you are a very busy person and find it very difficult to relax. Based on the fact that the mind can take one thing at the time, we are going to involve when you do the meditation something very simple, that will take your mind out of the norm and you will be able to enjoy the meditation. As simple as counting. So when you breathe deep, long and calm into the Dan Tian area, front and back expand. I’d like you to visualize a ball of energy right at the centre of the energy field, and when you say one, some kind of explosion of the energy reaches your feet, your hands, your hair and your face. The harder you try the less you will feel the energy, the less you try the more you are going to enjoy it. The explosion has to be exactly at the moment that you are counting. Once you reach ten, you start again from the beginning and you say one again. However when you are sitting down and the counting has completely disappeared and the rhythm of the breathing is still the same you are in the stage of meditation.