The Alan Winner Academy at Hayes

Kelvin Gill

About:Kelvin has been training for over 20 years under Master Alan Winner and has studied Wing Chun, Sanshou (kick boxing), Wushu, Tai Chi & Meditation. As a senior student (with over 10 years teaching experience) Kelvin Gill has attended training abroad in China & Hong Kong with The AWA.

Classes:Kelvin Teaches Wing Chun and Sanshou on Saturday afternoons.

Wing Chun class is a traditional Chinese martial art ideal for women & men of any stature. Brute strength is not required as the style is based on technique, touch & speed.

Sanshou is a Chinese kick boxing style which incorporates punching, kicking & throwing techniques.

All classes incorporate fitness, forms, pad work and sparring.

All classes commence with Meditation\Tai Chi & Chi Kung breathing exercises (to promote wellbeing through relaxation).

Contact info: 07961 427 216 (

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